Pink periwinkle flower







Interestingly, the periwinkle goes by many names more than other flower types. Its most basic and binomial name is Catharanthus roseus. However, they're also named Madagascar periwinkle, Cape periwinkle, rose periwinkle, old maid, pink periwinkle, graveyard plant, and bright eyes after their looks or place of origin. Periwinkle Etymology.

PLANT HEIGHT: 8 - 10” . . . PLANT SPACING: 24 - 36” LIGHT REQUIREMENTS: Sun . . . SOIL / WATER: Average - Dry ; With huge showy 2” blooms, Periwinkle is a stunning groundcover that also does very well along borders or in baskets. It is a fast growing plant and they tolerate heat very well. They are deer resistant too!.

Annual vinca is an upright plant that features pink, white, or red flowers that resemble impatiens. Vinca minor, also called periwinkle, is a ground cover with dark leaves and pale purple flowers. What plants pair well with annual vinca? Bring out the contrasting eye of the vinca flower by pairing them with a flower that matches the flower's eye.